Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"...For The First Time In IBC History..."

Those were the most beautiful words uttered on Saturday night. It’s when we knew

Before I get to all the excitement, my apologies for this being so late. After the band finals, we raced home for the guys to change, then out to dinner, then back to Beale Street, then up Sunday for breakfast, packing, and a twenty-hour trip home. I’ve been off line. And now I have a cold.

Ok, back to Saturday. As the guys went to the stage door to check in, Rose and I waited out in the cold for the box office to open, planning on purchasing tickets then going off somewhere on Beale St. for a coffee or something. However, after said purchase, we entered the lovely Orpheum Theater and saw the crowd. We amended our decision, found two seats, again within line of sight of the judges, and settled in for the next four and a half hours. It went by in a flash.