Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stuck Inside of Boulder with The Memphis Blues Again

Apparently I woke juxtaposing Memphis and Bob Dylan.  But with the IBC Preliminary Band Round here at the Outlook this Sunday, ‘tis no wonder I’ve Memphis on my mind. 

But first, tonight.  The wildly energetic Jason Downing will be here with Musketeer Gripweed, and it’s been quite some time.  Jason has unique approach to music, and he’s fun to watch.  See you tonight, Jason.

Tomorrow night brings one of my favorite’s back; Maynard Mills.  The last time he was here, Gretchen Troop and her husband, Biff, were thinking of going out, and so I suggested the Outlook for Maynard since they’d not heard him before.  They picked me up, and on the drive over told me they were only staying for the first set.  I thought to myself, “We’ll see about that.”  By the third song, they were both asking me how it was they’d not heard him before.  We stayed for both sets. 

Saturday night Paul Soderman and BluesHouze is back!  It’s been a long time coming, so don’t forget if you want to get a seat come early, however with them it’s usually come early if you want to get in.  And rest up, because there is always a very crowded dance floor for these guys.