Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Have A Cool Job!

I’ve know for a few years now that my job is way cool, but sometimes the severity of the way coolness can be overwhelming. 

First, I’ll not make the assumption that all readers know what I do:  I book and promote live Blues shows at the Boulder Outlook Hotel.   A little history; when hotel owner, Dan King, first started booking music in the hotel’s restaurant, he had a kitchen tenant called Skinny Jay’s.  Some artists would say, “Welcome to Skinny Jay’s!” on the mic.  I asked them to please change that to “The Outlook,” as the tenant had nothing to do with the music, and I didn’t want the name recognition falsely placed.  Then three years ago, Dan took over the kitchen, and named the restaurant Blues & Greens (local food, live music).  I’ve spent the last three years introducing bands with “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Blues & Greens.”   I gave that up a week ago.  Because of my earlier insistence, everyone refers to us as The Outlook. 

I’m coming up on five years at this wonderful Home of the Blues, and am daily grateful that I decided very early on that we needed a weekly “Blues Letter,” as now, all those shows have been documented.  I was genetically blessed with a good memory, but we’ve had so many barn-burners here, that even my near-total recall is tested (Blues Letter archive here).