Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wet Carpet Blues

Last Thursday, just as I was mentally confirming my decision to move (dramatic rent increase on the horizon), the skies over Boulder opened wide for more than an hour. I stood looking out my sliding glass doors at my partially enclosed terrace, noticing quickly rising water. The deluge was too much for the drain to handle.

It only took about fifteen minutes for the edge of the carpet to feel damp. Within half an hour, about 100 square feet of my living carpet was soaked. Half my living room was primed for seeding. Management showed up with an industrial sized shop vac (a good plan since my neighbor across the hall suffered the same wet fate), and after rearranging my living room furniture, spent over an hour vacuuming rain water out of the carpet, along with my dream of an indoor vegetable garden.

The following afternoon fans arrived. Big, loud, vibrating carpet-drying fans. I was told they needed to run at least 24 hours. Fair enough. I have plenty of CDs to drown out a couple of fans. And so I passed the rest of Friday and much of Saturday rotating CDs (I’m old school; I still have a CD player), while I cleaned up and sorted for the move.

I said “much” of Saturday. Around 2:30ish, just as I was preparing to silence the fans for a few hours (the carpet was almost dry), the skies opened up again. Do I need to go on with this tale of woe, or can you figure out what happened next? I’ll give you clue: Think deja vu: Management, neighbor, rain water again sucked up with my garden dream. Just add a fan. I had three loud fans. So the remainder of Saturday, and all of Sunday and Monday were passed with the loud din of drying being covered by some loud Blues.