Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Connecting The Stars

A few years ago I learned about a wonderful charity called Blue Star Connection (BSC). And I connected. BSC puts musical instruments in the hands of critically ill children. Many of these kids can’t go out in public because of compromised immune systems, so they miss music lessons and being with their friends. Electric guitars and amps are the most popular. They’re easier to play, and these kids are often weakened by their treatment, so it’s a good match. BSC has placed keyboards, drums, tons of harmonicas, acoustic guitars, and even a saxophone (very expensive, but this one was donated). Unfortunately, there is always more demand than supply.

Within weeks of my initial introduction to the organization, I held the first of what would become an annual fund-raiser. On my birthday. This December will be the fifth annual Honey Bee Birthday Blue Star Connection Benefit (that’s a lot of B’s).