Friday, July 8, 2011

Tear Drop Collector

As I am moving next month, I spent much of today organizing and packing CDs.  Lots, and lots, and lots of CDs.  I do believe I could open my own CD kiosk if I were of the mind to sell them, which I’m not.  Anywho, I put on Teresa Lynne and the Dreamboats’ latest CD, Tear Drop Collector, to keep me company while I pack, and I’m glad I did.  I have to get back to packing, but here’s what I think about this fantastic CD (I initially wrote this a couple of months ago):

I’d like to tell you about Teresa Lynne’s new band, Teresa Lynne and the Dreamboats.  They played the Outlook recently, and it was my first time hearing this new lineup, and they are dreamy!  Along with Ms. T. are Jimmy Lange, Rick Ross, Richie Foelsch and Jerry Alan.  I’ve always loved Teresa’s music no matter who’s backing her, but this band was born to play with her.  I swear her voice is even better with these guys, and she’s kicked her harp mastery up a few notches.
Now color me biased, but her latest record, Tear Drop Collector has become one of the top ten played here at Chez Honey Bee, and she’s in some heavy company.  Ok, yes she has both Bob Margolin and Chris Cain as guests on this release, and ok, yes she mentions me in the liner notes, but I’d love it even if she had forgotten me.  Teresa knows how to turn a phrase, and as good as she is on covers (although there is only one cover on this CD), making them her own, it’s her facility with innuendo and phraseology with her originals that knocks out the listener.  She’s wry, droll, and clever, turning common terms upside down and shaking the hell out of them.  She’s a wordsmith, pure and simple, not to mention a Colorado treasure.  I’m honored to have my name associated with this favorite record of mine.  This is one purchase immune to buyer’s remorse. 

Congratulations, Teresa!  It’s one hell of a record! 

~Honey Bee Sepeda~

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