Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do You Remember The Very First Day Of September...

Ok, so I kind of paraphrased Earth, Wind and Fire there, but it fits. Love was changing the mind of pretenders...

Speaking of pretenders, before I go any further, a Craigslist ad was brought to my attention this morning, and I’d like our readers to know WE DID NOT PLACE THIS AD AND IT HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THE OUTLOOK. Here’s the ad:
“Looking for a Blues Band (Colorado)
Date: 2011-08-31, 4:39PM MDT
If you are a local blues band and you have not yet played at The Blues and Greens Restaraunt in Boulder.................then I would like to see a pic, bio and hear your music.”

First of all, if I were to place an ad, the spelling and grammar would be correct. Just sayin’. Second, it’s not THE Blues and Greens, it’s Blues & Greens. We at least know the name of the venue, sheeeesh! Amateur!

Ok, so on to the Blues! Tonight is the long-awaited Clay McClinton show! We’ve all been wondering about the Son of Delbert, but we know that he grew up with the Blues in his blood, listening to the best. I can’t wait to hear this future of the Blues Ambassador. And I have to admit that since his posters have been hanging around the room for about four months now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that he’s something of a cutie pie. Again, just sayin’. Here’s something tasty:

“Clay's musical virtuosity shines with the release of his third album, Livin’ Out Loud (2010). He blends Americana and Texas blues with a touch of country to give us a tremendous follow up to his two previous releases—Out of the Blue (2004) and Son of a Gun (2006). Livin’ Out Loud is openhearted and thoughtful, and often explores the tension between the love for adventure and the longing for home. Clay has taken grand leaps both as a singer-songwriter and as a musician, and the eleven tracks also foretell of great things to come. Much like his earlier albums, Clay wrote or co-wrote ten of the tracks. He was honored to write with Bruce Channel, Dave Duncan, Rob Roy Parnell, Ricky Ray, and of course, Delbert. He produced the album with Kevin McKendree, a longtime family friend as well as Delbert’s piano player. Clay describes the process of creating the album with these and other great musicians as one of self-discovery and personal and professional growth.”

And we’re on this CD release tour! Tonight! One night only!

Tomorrow night is another One Night Only! My girl, Ms. Mary Bridget Davies (Betty to me), FINALLY makes it to the Outlook. As I’ve reported before, I first met her after the IBC Finals on February 5th, where she placed second after the Lionel Young Band. At that time, she was booked here for April 28th, so we talked about that. As we know, that tour had to be rescheduled to TOMORROW!!! I had barrels of fun at BFtT this year, knowing that very few had heard her voice. Right as she was being introduced, I positioned myself for maximum facial-expression viewing, and was not disappointed. Jaws dropped.

Mary/Betty is fun, alive, funny, energetic, and puts on a show that evaporates time. Although she’s yet to step foot in the Outlook, she’s already family. At BFtT, we spent the day being asked if we’re sisters. We said “yes.” By that time we were. I’m taking this show personally, to be honest; it’s as if my sister is coming for a visit, and I want everything to be perfect. I do you hope you can join us for what I promise will be filled with extraordinary music and rip-roaring fun. And meet your new sister. It’s a girl!

Saturday night, Erica Brown makes her long-awaited return to the Outlook, and I could go on and on about her, but you all already know. See you Saturday!

Tuesday is Dan Treanor’s jam, and if the forecast is correct, it will be a perfect evening for opening the door while playing and listening to some Blues. I for one will be happy to celebrate cooler temps.

I’m closing with a save-the-date notice: September 24th, for the first time in more than a year, the entire Lionel Young Band, 2011 IBC Winners, returns to the Outlook. They have been out there, all over the country this Summer, representing us beautifully. I’ve been reading the reviews, and they have shaken up the festival circuit, with many of them inviting them back next year. As proud as we all are of them, the cold reality is we’re not going to get to see them as often as we’d like, because when they won, we handed them over to the world, and it’s a big place. We have to share, like it or not. I miss Lionel terribly, but he calls frequently and fills me in on their multitude of shows and adventures. And, they’ll be back next week! 

 ~Honey Bee Sepeda~

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