Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blow wind, blow wind, blow my baby back to me...

Blow wind, blow wind, blow my baby back to me.
Well, you know if I don't soon find them,
I will be in misery.

Those of us living on the Front Range need no explanation for this week’s title.  Yes, we have Chinook winds throughout the year, but thus far, 2012 has been a blustery, gale-filled blowhard, and I for one am done!  I believe I’ve yet to arrive anywhere in 2012 without looking like a scarecrow having a bad hair day.  Enough!
Fortunately for us, these strong winds are blowing the Mike Zito Band into town, and they arrive tomorrow!  There are still tickets, but I suspect we’re going to have a solid crowd tomorrow night.  Mike’s a house favorite (or maybe that’s just me...).  Boulder Outlook, 7:30 p.m.
Once again, Mike is having a great year, having secured yet another BMA nomination for 2012 Best Blues Rock Album, with the wonderful Greyhound.  The BMA’s are in Memphis on May 10th, and if the travel gods are smiling on me, I’ll be going with Lionel (who’s nominated for Best Instrument - Other/Violin).  
For some reason (probably having something to do with the winds), I’m waxing poetic today, in the mood for sweet reflection, and with my dear friend but 24 hours away, I think I’ll wax rhapsodic about Mike.  We first made our acquaintance via email, by way of Jason Ricci.  It was about three years ago, and Mike and the band had two nights off during a tour, Jason advised him to contact me about a musician rate at the hotel.  Within a week or two, Mike had filled those dates, so we didn’t meet for another couple of months, backstage at the 2009 Blues From the Top.  I walked over to where he was sitting, and said, “Mike?”  He looked up at me (like I said, he was sitting...still didn’t have to look up much), quizzically, and said, “Yes.”  I said, “I’m Honey from the Outlook.”  Without another word, he stood and gave me the kind of hug customarily reserved for close friends and family.  And three years later, we are just that. 
The last time he was here, in September, we had more concentrated time, just the two of us, to talk.  No, Talk.  We rarely go more than a few weeks without an email exchange, a quick phone call, etc., but those long, uninterrupted times are sparse, and I treasure them for the jewels of time they are.  Like I said, Mike’s family, so join us tomorrow night at the big reunion.  I love you, Mike!
Speaking of pretty (and when speaking about Mike, it’s implied), tomorrow night Stone Soup is back with Deborah Stafford, and that Don Finan is all kinds of pretty!  They pack the dance floor, so wear comfortable shoes.
My Beloved Delta Sonics return Saturday night for their first Outlook gig since returning from going to the semi finals in Memphis, so let’s dance a lot and eat bar-b-q.  Tuesday is Dan Treanor’s jam, he also having recently returned from Memphis where he accepted the KBA for Education (Bob Corritore told me he said a lot of touching things about John-Alex in his speech), so another big “welcome home” is in order.
Tickets for Tommy Castro and the Painkillers are still selling, so call today if you’ve been procrastinating.  Today is Leap Day, so make use of the extra 24 hours and get some live Blues tickets.  Make the day count! 
~Honey Bee Sepeda~  

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